Injaz United Services

  • OMANI company working in the activity of postal services and order delivery.
  • TRA Licensed by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (postal services And related services)
  • Has been working in the field of LOGISTICS for three years.
  • Considered one of the HIGHEST performing delivery companies in Oman.
  • More than 750 active drivers and covers most of the Sultanate's regions.
  • EXPERIENCED and qualified drivers.
  • FLEET of delivery trucks, buses, refrigerators and motorcycles.
  • Administrative staff consisting of 45 employees of the highest degree of Competence and skill.
Air Freight

Positive and Pro-Active Relationships with all Major Airlines.

Ocean Freight

Wide Choice Of Ocean Carriers From Any Point On The Globe To Another.

Ground Freight

We Covers All Ports All Over Oman.


  • Overnight Deliveries Can Be Arranged.
  • Very Experienced In Total Supply chain Management.
  • Flexible Hours Of Operation.
  • High Level Of Security Through : 24h Security.
  • Motion Activated Video With Tape Library Maintained For 45+ Day.

Perimeter Security

  • CCTV – Digital is used in the facility currently to maintain perimeter security.
  • There is a video recording to enable the view of all vehicles and individuals coming on to the property, and all vehicles and individuals are clearly recognizable (face recognition) in video footage of the perimeter.
  • There is adequate lighting to support effective video recording and employee safety in loading and offloading areas.
  • There are visible perimeter signs in the local language that indicate “No unauthorized access”, or “No unauthorized parking”
  • Dock areas and/or delivery areas are covered by color or “day/night” exterior cameras that capture all operations and movement around external dock areas at all times(24/7).
WorldWide Shipping

Borderless Logistics

Injaz Unit ed Serivce has a close working relationship with Major insurance Agencies.


Package Protection

Being able to offer its customers “All Risk” Policies (Clause A, B and C).


24/7 Support

Call or email us today to request a call from one of our sales colleagues to create new opportunities.

Facility Exterior, Entry and Exit Points:

  • All exterior entry and exit points for both employees and visitors, are including openable windows, skylights, vents, access hatches or other apertures, covered by video. The exterior walls and roof designed and maintained to resist penetration. All dock doors of sufficient strength that they deter and/or delay forced entry by use of small portable hand tools.
  • The visitor and workforce entry point(s) covered by video (color or “day/night” cameras), and the individuals clearly recognizable (face recognition) at all times.

The facility’s visitor policy include:

  • Visitors log that is maintained for at least 30 days.
  • Visitors’ badges/passes that must be worn at all times.
  • Visitors to be escorted at all times.
  • Reconciliation of visitor’s badges after visit.
  • All employees and other workforce provided with a company ID badge to make them recognizable within the facility.

Moving Every
Customer With Care


Qualified Staff


Total weight


Maritime Shipping


Company Awards

The measures in place to identify drivers and vehicles entering the facility:

  • Drivers identified using government-issued photo ID.
  • Driver log maintained.
  • Vehicle details logged manually (license plate, vehicle type).
  • Vehicles identified using video.

Security Systems; Design, Monitoring and Responses :

  • At least 45+ days of system transaction records securely stored, backed up, and available for review.
  • All recordings are digital, and there is a documented process in place for daily checks of digital recording for when the site is operational.
  • Access to video systems, images, and data is tightly controlled, including all hardware, software, and data/video storage, and video is only viewed by authorized personnel.

Pre-alert process applied to inbound and/or outbound shipments included:

  • Departure time.
  • Expected arrival time.
  • Trucking company.
  • Driver name and ID number .
  • License plate.
  • Arriving cargo reconciled against information on the cargo manifest, including cargo description and weights, labels, marks and piece count.

Cargo Insurance :

Injaz Unit ed Serivce has a close working relationship with Major insurance Agencies.

Being able to offer its customers “All Risk” Policies (Clause A, B and C) for :

  • Marin Insurance.
  • Air Insurance.
  • Transport Insurance.
  • Storage Insurance.

Heavy Lift

  • Logistics studies and transportation engineering planning and design.
  • Determination of equipment and procedures required to transport cargo and storage.
  • Supervision of the entire transport operation beginning with the off-loading of heavy lifts on to hydraulic trailers and ending with the delivery and installation of the transported units or their foundations.


  • When you have out-of-gauge, exceptional, bulky or heavy items to ship, call INJAZ United Service.
  • We have the experts and the assets needed to plan, engineer and execute the best-suited end-to-end, chartered and multimodal transport solutions.
  • Let us put our how behind your wow ! .